You could say that pianist and singer Kate Garner has been on stage since the day she was born. At North Middlesex Hospital Edmonton, there was a plague of cockroaches at the time, so baby Kate was wrapped in tin foil and taken with her mum to spend the rest of the week at Gracie Field’s house in a cot put on a stage built in the ballroom.

Kate’s love of piano and her broad knowledge of old songs comes from the many family parties she remembers as a child.

Her Nana Daisy was well known playing stride piano around the North London pub circuit, and her dad is Chas from ‘Chas and Dave’.

Kate has performed at many vintage events including ‘Vintage At Goodwood’ and ‘Vintage At Southbank’. She has also appeared on Channel 4’s ‘Come Dine With Me’, performing at a street party, and recently for a BBC documentary about Mrs Mills, where Kate demonstrated the lost art of stride piano.

Apart from being mum to Harry, there is nothing Kate enjoys more than gathering friends and family around the piano for a good old fashioned

(Songsheets provided)